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Comparing my two most recent reads

I read a mainstream book called Florence Gordon.  The MC, Ms Gordon was the most unlikable heroine ever.  She was gruff, said every mean spirited thing that popped into her mind,and held her family at arms length.  She was a brilliant pioneer in feminism.  She had close friends who seemed to love her despite her personality but I felt they were more intellectual friends than emotional ones. Ms. Gordon's grand daughter worked very hard to forge a bond with the woman.  And you know what she did? She literally walked away without a backward glance.  I came away with the feeling that feminists are angry people.   

Then I read a book recommended to me by a dear friend, Held for Ransom.  She loved it for its small town life.  I found that to drag but one character, Amber, really stood out in sharp contrast to Florence Gordon.  Amber was poorly educated in comparison to FG, Wiccan, also outspoken but tended to say every positive thing that popped into her mind.  Amber went out of her way to help people and to make ties with her family who were mostly difficult people.  Amber was raising a child as a single mother, working and trying to better herself.  This book was a romance, and not even about Amber.  But you know, if I had to choose between two feminist characters, I'd choose Amber hands down.  

Which may only prove that I have no idea what feminism is.